Frequently Asked Questions


Where are we meeting?

We will meet up at Toronto Union Station's in VIA Rail Business Lounge. You need to arrive there by 1:45pm. If you arrive at 2pm, you'll likely be OK but you'll get a mean face from us. Please arrive early! The lounge has drinks, coffee, wifi, and we'll all be there so come early. If you miss our train, you really are stuck.

From there, you will complete registration and meet your fellow travellers. When it's time to depart, we will all walk to the Train together.

Is hotel included?

No. You will need to book your own accommodations. Please visit the festival website as they do their best to lineup some discounts at local hotels.

Is there a return train?

The Startup Train is one-way only! We tried running this as a round-trip the first year. We learned that year that some people leave early, some stay late and meet friends in Montreal etc. So please make sure to arrange your own return travel.

How do I get my train ticket?

You do not get an actual ticket. We are chartering our own train cars so you don't get a physical train ticket. This also means that if you fail to make our train, we can't transfer you to another train.

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