Startup Train

Toronto ⇒ Startupfest

July 9, 2019

Meet at Toronto Union Station 2pm to depart

Community and Transit

The rare moments

First class train cars to take startups, mentors, and corporate innovation leaders in the Toronto area to Montreal’s Startupfest.

When the right people are in the right place, connections happen that create something that is greater than the sum of the parts.

Startup Train creates those moments.

Who’s on the Train?

Here are some industry experts aboard the 2019 Startup Train:

Marcus Daniels

CEO & Founding Partner

Highline Beta

Nicole Leblanc


Sidewalk Labs

Lauren Robinson

General Partner

Highline Beta



Startup Train started as a grassroots initiative in 2012 led by Brydon Gilliss. Since then, the train has hosted a first-class train car every year from Toronto to Startupfest in Montreal.

By bringing together leading startups, investors, and mentors, Startup Train allows passengers to meet new friends, find a new partner or investor, and partake in world-class mentoring. 

The pre-events, online shared space, and the Ontario Startup Tent have always been geared towards helping attendees leverage the real opportunity that Startupfest presents.

Brydon Gilliss

Brydon Gilliss

Startup Train Founder

“The Startup Train is arguably the most valuable aspect of Startup Festival for Ontario entrepreneurs. It's more than just sticking awesome people in a contained space for five hours. You walk in as strangers and leave as a community ready to tackle the festival together. If only every startup conference could offer this unique experience”

–Marianne Bulger

Highline Beta

Highline Beta is a startup co-creation and new venture development company.

By leveraging the operating model of startups, the best practices of the country’s premier accelerators, and the strategic lens of VCs, Highline Beta works closely with enterprises to launch market-leading ventures.


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